CFP: Culture Analytics Workshop at SocInfo 2016

The Culture Analytics Working Group invites proposals for papers to be part of a day-long workshop on Culture Analytics at this year’s International Conference on Social Informatics. Like social informatics, culture analytics is a problem-driven research domain that begins with the assumption that communications, communications modalities and technologies, and the communities within which they operate are mutually shaped and shaping. Workshop organizers are interested in all approaches to the topic of culture analytics.

Previous workshops have focused on the intersections of text and media, on UX design, on multiscale data-driven models, and mathematical analyses of cultural expressive forms. Studies have been drawn from information sciences, mathematics, history, lingistics, literary studies, and folklore studies. Those studues have focused on semantic analyses of socio-textual domains,
used models to reveal how texts reflect and refract larger socio-cultural formations, and tracked cultural dynamics over time and space using data drawn from novels and other digitized historical texts, the web and social media, Instagram and other non-textual archives among others.

For this sixth workshop, the organizers invite proposals for papers on any topic that features culture as a transactional form of human behavior that can be modeled and analyzed using algorithmic approaches.

Culture Analytics Workshop
Eighth International Conference on Social Informatics
Seattle, November 13, 14-17

The workshop continues work begun through a series of five workshops in the spring and summer of 2016 hosted by the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics and funded by the National Science Foundation. (More information here.)

Please feel free to contact members of the organizing committee if you have any questions:

  • Leon Gurevitch, University of Victoria at Wellington (New Zealand),
  • Ekaterina Lapina-Kratasyuk, Higher School of Economics (Russia), kratio@mail.
  • John Laudun, University of Louisiana (USA),

For inquiries or to submit proposals, please send an abstract of no more than 350 words along with presenter name, institutional affiliation, and contact information by September 15 to the lead organizer, John Laudun (